Enrique Arellano

Businessman, Event-organizer and Psychotherapist

Enrique Arellano Farias (1967) is a businessman, event organizer and psychotherapist.

He has been practicing body and relational psychotherapy for 25 years. He is in continuous training, supervision and clinical practice of his patients maintaining a relational approach and influenced by polyvalent theory.

He is a member of the EABP. Professor and official facilitator of the following methods: The Circle of Security intervention for parents, a program of parental reflection. Cultivating Emotional Balance, by Paul Eckman and Alan Wallace an intervention program to regulate anxiety and depression through Shamatah breathing and contemplative practices.

Studies: Hotel Management (Glion, Switzerland, 1988), Visual Design (Politecnico di Design di Milano,1992), Publishing (Oxford Publish, 2003), Body Psychotherapy (Core Energetics,1997-2004),  BBSH 1999-2003, Enrichment Program in Adult Attachment Trauma Treatment (Center for Intentional Living, NY, 2005) Pesso Boyden Psychomotor System (Boston, 2009), Psychology (The Open University,2013), IFS Psychotherapy Model (2012-15) AEDP Psychotherapy Model (2015-2019).

He founded Editorial Eleftheria (2009) with his wife, editor and writer Marta Sofía García.

Due to his personal career and that of his clients and family, he has decided to dedicate his work to the subject of repairing attachment in children, adolescents and adults. He is always surprised by the protective effects of attachment against life’s psychological traumas. He is the father of two sons.