"We are each seeking to know that we exist in each other's minds and hearts"

Diana Fosha, PsyD., founder of the AEDP model.


The Four Cycles Institute is a name and a trademark for my activities to promote affective-based clinical models of mental health, the integration of so-called “bottom-up” and “top-down” therapies, and to celebrate the value of the therapeutic relationship as an agent of change and transformation. The institute’s name refers to the life cycles that are part of the growth spirals. Number four refers to the human dimensions of body, mind, relationships and Spirit. The focus of this project is on relationship-based psychotherapies, on currents that validate the living experience from moment to moment in the therapeutic dyad, and on the co-regulation of shared affects. We hope that communities of clinicians can be the element of change and transformation in the lives of their patients and families. Becoming a regulated presence is a responsibility. Our courses are for those who believe that relationships can be a source of profound healing and personal and professional development for every human being. We welcome you to our inhouse and online seminars. Cordially,

Enrique Arellano Farias

Official Organizer and Legal responsible for this online platform called The Four Cycles Institute®

Our mission

Our mission is to offer the teachings of our speakers whose contribution we find relevant and meaningful to:

  • The clinical practice of psychotherapy in general
  • Clinical research.
  • The development of attachment repair skills, co-regulation, mind-body-relationship incorporation within the therapist-patient dyad.
  • Openness to the exploration of spirituality within the clinic of psychotherapy
  • Development of interprofessional dialogue
  • Creating a learning community with shared values.


"The clarity of the presentations, the pedagogical platform used and the quality of the resources together with the focus on excellence in their design, has allowed me to easily follow the instructions, lessons and suggestions of Drs. I have been on many courses in the last two months and this is clearly the one with the best quality, clarity and human warmth at the level of the international reputation of the speakers. My warmest congratulations."

Marcos Cajina Heinzkill, Ed.D.
Founder and president of Renewal

"I would like to express my great satisfaction with the course in Neurobiology of Love taught by Dr. Porges and Dr. Sue Carter. I have been tremendously satisfied and it has helped me, and will continue to do so, to understand many of the human reactions and relationships, to be more compassionate towards myself and others. I also appreciate and am very pleased with the organization and effort of the entire team to make this course viable and very interesting in these times of global pandemic. Congratulations!"

From Madrid