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Gender-based violence, domestic and interpersonal violence: Clinical treatments and interventions by Dr. Malchiodi

Learn research-based creative, integrative and restorative interventions for patients victims of domestic violence and/or child maltreatment.

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25, 26 and 27 October, 2024


In-person training


Sitges (Barcelona), Spain. The training will take place at the Hotel Calipolis


Training in English, with the option of simultaneous translation into Spanish

Training Description

Join us for a three-day certification training in creative and sensory-based strategies with survivors of interpersonal violence, domestic violence, and child abuse. This course focuses on how to integrate Expressive Arts Therapy—movement, sound, image making, enactment, play, and storytelling—with the frameworks of Bilateral Stimulation (BLS), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Polyvagal Theory, and other brain-based and somatic approaches. Each session demonstrates several interventions through lectures, short films, discussions, and hands-on experiential practice. The training highlights the importance of using sensory processing and expressive strategies to enhance and increase the successful installation of safety, regulation, and co-regulation. Emphasis is on supporting “restorative attachment” — the experience of the body/mind’s sense of well-being and increased capacity for joy, enlivenment, self-efficacy, and social engagement.

Upon successful completion of this training, participants will receive documentation of certification in “Expressive Arts Therapy, Interpersonal Violence, and Traumatic Stress: Creative, Integrative, and Restorative Strategies for Domestic Violence and Child Abuse” from the Trauma-Informed and Expressive Arts Therapy Institute, including 22 hours of continuing education from the National Board Certifying Counselors (NBCC) and respective CPDs from the Four Cycles Institute, Barcelona, Spain.

Please note: This certification program does not qualify participants to become certified EMDR practitioners; the intention is to expand participants’ understanding of how to apply expressive arts therapy and sensory processing to trauma recovery and enhance their understanding and application of these concepts in their practice.


Day One:
Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy and Traumatic Stress.

Because trauma requires a multi-sensory, body-based, and implicit approach, the first session sets the foundation for the core treatment principles. Participants will deepen their understanding of four major areas –embodiment, attachment, sensory integration, and expressive arts therapy as they relate to the treatment of traumatic stress. Best practices in each area are explained with an emphasis on emerging research on how these frameworks support the connections between implicit recovery [the body’s sense of well-being] and explicit restoration [new narratives that support healing of both the body and mind]. Emphasis is on learning and applying strategies through various senses (movement, sound, rhythm, synchrony, attunement, reflexive convergence, image making) and demonstrating how these approaches complement and enhance talk psychotherapy. Participants will explore these principles within the context of interpersonal and family violence, child abuse and neglect, and traumatic stress (chronic and complex).

Day Two:
Grounding and Resourcing with Survivors of Violence.

Grounding and Resourcing are particularly essential as a starting point with individuals who have survived interpersonal violence or abuse. They are key strategies for all therapists who work with individuals of all ages when trauma or distress is a focus. Most trauma survivors, particularly those with chronic or complex trauma, struggle with a sense of safety. Trauma specialists frequently hear individuals say, “I feel off balance,” “I feel unstable when I am in a large space,” “I cannot tolerate certain sounds (smells, touch, or tastes),” or “I cannot feel anything in my body,” among other sensory observations. These are key sensory integration experiences that practitioners can address through a variety of movement, sound, image-making, and body awareness approaches to enhance a sense of safety. This session focuses on strategies to help individuals of all ages to connect external sensations (exteroception) with the internal felt sense (interoception) to address trauma reactions; sensory processing and trauma through proprioception and vestibular function; and the role of proxemics (comfort level in relation to others). Case material on child and adult survivors of domestic violence and abuse are presented to demonstrate how these approaches support sensory processing and address shame, guilt, fear, and dissociative responses.

Day Three:
Orienting Toward Restoration.

This final session introduces several “user friendly” approaches to creatively and integratively install grounding, resourcing, and orienting when working with traumatic stress. These strategies capitalize on best practices found in Polyvagal Theory (PVT), Deep Brain Orienting (DBO), and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) and underscore how expressive arts are a “value-added” component of intervention. Emphasis is on learning how to develop both “bottom-up” approaches that are body-oriented and grounded in rhythm, movement, and sound and “top-down” approaches that are brain-wise and focus on narrative-based strategies. Participants will learn several strategies that incorporate PVT, DBO, and SP within the framework of the Expressive Arts Therapy Continuum to enhance neuroception of safety, recognition of sympathetic and parasympathetic responses, and develop a solid foundation for reprocessing traumatic stress.


In-person training

3 days of in-person training at Hotel Calipolis (Sitges, Spain)

Training in English

Training in English, with the option of simultaneous translation into Spanish

Certificate of completion

Upon completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate of completion

Date and time of live sessions

 (Central European Time)  

October 25th October 26thOctober 27th
Registration  9:00 -9:30  9:00 -9:30  9:00 -9:30
Session 1  9:30 -11:00  9:30 -11:00  9:30 -11:00
Break11:00 -11:3011:00 -11:3011:00 -11:30
Session 2
11:30 – 13:0011:30 – 13:0011:30 – 13:00
Lunch break13:00 – 14:0013:00 – 14:00CLOSING CEREMONY
Session 314:00 – 15:3014:00 – 15:30
Break15:30 – 16:0015:30 – 16:00
Session 416:00 – 17:3016:00 – 17:30
Closing17:30 – 17:4517:30 – 17:45

We are waiting for you in Sitges!

Trainer: Cathy Malchiodi

Cathy Malchiodi, PhD, LPAT, LPCC, ATR-BC, REAT, is a prominent figure in the field of expressive arts therapy and trauma treatment, with a multifaceted career spanning clinical practice, education, and advocacy for survivors' rights

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